When Speed Of Sound formed in the mid 80s, it was a sextet that included a lead vocalist (Alan Timmons) and a second guitarist (Mark Madruga). Though original and far from mainstream, the band was a little closer to rock than it is now. The only recording made with these players was the eponymous Speed of Sound , which was released on vinyl. This record got enough regional airplay and sales to bring the band some media attention and larger venues. Guitarist Mark Madruga left the group and formed and acoustic trio called Hat Trick. He was replaced by percussionist Tomas Perez, though sadly no studio recordings were made during Tomas' time with the band.

After Alan Timmons' return to Chicago, Mark Bacilla took over the role of lead vocalist, though the band, now a quartet, gradually began to move away from vocal music. The next recording, Make No Mistake, featured four of the six original members: Mark Bacilla on guitar and vocals, Andy Myers on keyboards, David Littlefield on bass, and Dave Paviol on drums. This CD, which evidences the band's arrival at a more mature style, received national airplay. In 1997, the same quartet produced Picture This. Tracks from both of these CDs can be sampled and purchased online (see "Music").

In 2000, David Littlefield left the band and moved to Las Vegas. His spot was filled by bassist Jim Ybarra, who can be heard on Yavaz' Sea of Cortez (1997) . In 2005 Speed Of Sound released So Inclined. A new release, the band's first effort in their own studio, is slated for 2009.